Jan 30, 2024

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Three Keys to Success and Profitable Growth for Healthcare Providers

Craig Thomas
Craig Thomas
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
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In the evolving landscape of healthcare, providers are not only guardians of health but also participants in a highly competitive business environment. Thriving in this arena demands a strategic approach that merges clinical excellence with astute business practices.

Profitable growth, a cornerstone for recruiting top-tier talent, and enhancing service capabilities hinges on several pivotal factors. There are three key success factors that incorporate the latest research on patient experience and healthcare personalization impacts on provider revenue.

1. Establishing a Robust Digital Footprint

In the digital age, the initial touchpoint for healthcare consumers is often online. A strong digital presence is not merely beneficial, but essential. It serves as the frontline of your brand's interaction with potential patients. A compelling online presence, supported by a robust digital marketing strategy, including SEO and user-friendly website design, lays the groundwork for growth.

77% of patients conducted online research before scheduling an appointment Up to 10% revenue increase for providers who adeptly manage their online reputation

2. Cultivating Enduring Patient Relationships

The continuity of patient-provider relationships is a linchpin for sustainable growth. Every patient lost represents a missed opportunity and a necessity to add a patient to maintain the status quo. Frictionless, patient-centric processes are not a convenience, but rather the expectation in the modern healthcare journey. Providers who actively seek and act upon patient feedback often see remarkable improvements in patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction in turn drives loyalty and retention.

10% increase in patient satisfaction scores correlates with a significant increase in hospital profitability

3. Personalizing the Patient Experience

Personalization is the currency of contemporary healthcare. Tailored communication resonates deeply with patients and significantly enhances engagement rates. Personalization strategies, backed by robust data management and analytics, enable healthcare providers to deliver targeted, meaningful interactions. This approach not only fosters patient trust but also streamlines operational efficiency.

Up to 30% lower no-show rates with personalized patient communications

In a healthcare landscape increasingly defined by digital innovation and consumer-centric models, success requires intent and sophisticated, technology-driven consumer engagement. The Lucerna suite of tech-driven patient experience and engagement services offers a comprehensive solution to propel your healthcare organization into a future of profitable growth and unparalleled patient engagement.

  • Powerful Technology for Enhanced Engagement: From patient-provider matching to omnichannel marketing automation and CRM integration, our HITRUST-certified solutions ensure your operations are not just efficient but also secure and compliant.
  • Unparalleled Healthcare Expertise: We specialize in competitive health environments, offering tailored marketing and engagement strategies that are goal-driven and ROI-focused.
  • Proven Campaign Catalog: Whether it's patient acquisition, medical cost management, or digital engagement, our campaigns are designed to deliver measurable results across diverse market segments.
  • Operational Connectivity for Seamless Integration: We understand the intricacies of healthcare operations. Our collaborative approach ensures that communication plans are aligned with your goals and seamlessly integrated into your processes.

Contact Lucerna Health today to embark on a journey towards a brighter future in healthcare, where strong patient/doctor relationships are at the heart of business success.

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