Health Systems Solutions

Propel Revenue Growth

Challenged with filling ambulatory appointment slots and navigating patients across your health system? We provide tools, services, and expertise to address these challenges, driving revenue growth and efficient use of ambulatory assets for success in both fee-for-service and value-based care models.
Propel Revenue Growth

Data Management & Integrations

Activate Data for Results

Secure and transform your data into trustworthy and actionable insights. We connect seamlessly with your data sources, critical processes, and health system assets to accelerate time-to-value and help improve results.

HITRUST CSF certified data platform

Patient and provider 360 sources of truth

Shared insights across your ecosystem

Training and support to ensure measurable value

Activate Data for Results

Healthcare Analytics

Generate Actionable Insights

Tackle financial, growth and operational challenges using our analytics suite. Additionally, empower your teams with user-friendly, self-service tools, data sets, and support creating your own impactful analytics.

No-code patient segment cohort & metric designer

Patient-provider rules engine for optimal matching

Ready to use, multi-use case analytics dashboards

Embedded BI development portal for ad-hoc analytics

Generate Actionable Insights


Drive Revenue Growth & Outcomes

Support each patient's health journey with turn-key personalized engagement and navigation across your health system. Leverage our Leap platform and experienced team to acquire new patients, drive proactive health actions, power your digital front door, and gain valuable patient experience insights.

Proven campaign catalogue across critical use cases

Optimal patient-provider matching inside your ambulatory network

Effective engagement that gets patients to stay within your system

Extensive patient satisfaction insight to improve experience

Drive Revenue Growth & Outcomes


Boost Operational Effectiveness

Leverage our Leap platform to unlock the full potential of provider engagement and operations across your health system. Gain comprehensive visibility into provider and operational performance to optimize valuable resources.

Smart patient-provider matching for attribution and panel management

Configurable provider performance analytics and scorecards

Comprehensive operational and value-based analytics

Digital front door connectivity

Boost Operational Effectiveness

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