Proven Operational Playbook

Our focus is ensuring our customers successfully "walk the strategic talk" for tangible results. We understand that many customers require a practical strategic execution co-pilot. Our support meets customers where they are and helps them reach their desired destination.
Proven Operational Playbook


Alliance Success Expertise

Forward-looking health plans and providers are expanding to broader ecosystems to improve performance, advance value-based care, and diversify revenue. Achieving these strategic goals requires experiences many don’t have. Leverage our successful track record in establishing, developing, and growing bold alliances at the forefront.

Strategic plan and execution roadmap development

Integrated alliance value proposition design

Member and patient experience journey design

Alliance Success Expertise

Value Transformation

Transition to Value-Based Care

Navigating the shift to value-based healthcare while sustaining a viable fee-for-service model is a multifaceted challenge. With our seasoned team's extensive success in both health plans and provider sectors, we are well-equipped to guide your transition effectively.

Claims and EMR data analysis

Population stratification

Payer contracting negotiation

Provider performance engagement

Patient engagement strategies

Transition to Value-Based Care

Provider Operations

Achieve Optimal Efficiency

Our approach analyzes care team capacity, identifies the most profitable patients, ensures right-sized balanced panels, and promotes patient retention within your ecosystem. This data-driven strategy empowers care teams to deliver high-quality care efficiently to enhance both patient outcomes and financial performance.

Provider panel and attribution rules development

Provider schedules assessment

Patient stratification and prioritization

Patient ecosystem journey

Achieve Optimal Efficiency

Provider Expansion

Growth with Expert Guidance

Understanding your market, competitor landscape, and value proposition, along with a proven roadmap can drive growth in the right direction. We've helped successful provider groups expand their footprint and make informed decisions with real data and industry expertise.

Rich market analysis

Patient volume forecast

Business plan development

Site selection support

Patient growth strategy

Growth with Expert Guidance

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