Feb 1, 2024

Patient engagement
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Next-Gen Healthcare Consumer and Provider Engagement

Craig Thomas
Craig Thomas
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
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Gain insights from healthcare leaders Dr. Juan Estrada, CEO of Sanitas USA, and Craig Thomas, Co-Founder and CEO of Lucerna Health, on advancing patient and provider engagement in this VBC Exhibit Hall webinar.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Outcomes

Learn how Lucerna's Leap platform and services are pivotal in forging strong payer-provider alliances, and how the rapid growth of Sanitas exemplifies the success of their joint ventures with forward-thinking payers. The webinar dives into the significance of technology-first approaches and the role of services in supporting the journey to advanced patient and provider engagement.

Ecosystem Engagement as a Growth Catalyst

The discussion outlines a focused approach to advancing VBC through ecosystem partnerships and next-gen patient engagement. It emphasizes the importance of simplifying processes for providers that enhance patient experience and value creation over managing complexities.

From Data to Actionable Insights

The webinar spotlights how bringing together diverse data sets can transform into actionable insights—facilitating patient-provider matching, optimizing care delivery, and ultimately activating smart engagement. It's a glimpse into how Lucerna and Sanitas partnered to navigate the journey from fragmented data to actionable insights connected to processes.

Driving Value with Personalized Engagement

Uncover the strategic playbook that empowers providers to offer personalized care, balance clinical resources, and improve patient satisfaction through omni-channel engagement strategies. Executing on the playbook resulted in Sanitas seeing an additional 350,000 high-priority patient visits to obtain care and close care gaps, while maximizing quality and patient satisfaction measures.

Provider Engagement: An Important Key to Patient Engagement

The webinar stressed that successful patient engagement hinges on the support and empowerment of providers. Innovative strategies to bolster provider engagement were shared, highlighting that patient engagement cannot reach its full potential without engaged providers.

Ready to see how these insights come to life? Don't miss the opportunity to explore Lucerna Health's strategies in depth. Watch the webinar now and step into the future of patient and provider engagement.

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